The Cavaliers and I enjoyed a
blessed, holy Christmas with family this year.

And now, Happy New Year to all from
Coosa Creek Cavaliers and
Juli Polachek Drago!

Here's to a bright and healthy New Year with
fond farewell to the old;
here's to the joys that are
yet to come, and to
precious memories that we hold
dear to our hearts.
The fur-kids and I hope you find
harmony, and Cavalier love
in the new year  ;)

Enjoy the holiday smiles of the
Coosa Creek Cavaliers pictured here
with their families - both
human and fur!
Barnaby, Maggie, and
Mollie Haas
Sir Bazzle Gilbert, Austin and Alexis
Scout Miner
Abbey, Maddie, & Charlie and . . . . . . . . . . . Bandit, their cousin!
Annie Orr
Bella Bautista with Santa!
Bella and Brandi Santiago
Bentley and the Dellapinas ~
Love the Christmas tie!!!
Nutmeg, with Sara and Andy
Nutmeg with her Christmas look-alike, and
enjoying her new life!
Boulder Heitman
And, in loving memory of his sister
Angel Alpine Heitman
Bella and Cadbury Moore
Precious Alpine, we will meet again . . .  
Carly Lutzyk with Reindeer Rudy!
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through the years . . .
Thanks to all the families above for sharing these
precious memories with me!
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Peyton and the Dirscherl kids!
Dean, Mindy, Sundae Sue
Lily and Milo Demeo with Santa!
Cheyenne and Lexi Dong with
Vinnie Bagga Donuts and
Riley Pound O’Potatoes O’Shea
DT, Zoey, and Maddie Collins
Tinsel with his three new sisters,
the Garcia girls
Coco Torres . . . . . . all dressed up for Christmas!
Coco and her twin!
Sneakers, Sadie, Ronni and Norman Gorback
Hudson Speigel
Immanuel (Manny) on Christmas morning all warm
and snuggly in his Christmas sweater!
Jack Stites
Heather Rose under the tree!
Kelsey Hills and her friend
Puppy Max with Stormy and Kyra at the beach
Precious Lilly with
Blaise and Blair
Lily with
her human
sister Bella!
Logan and his best bud Gunner
Missy D Nield
Peyton and his sister
Mittens and Cody with the Robertson family ~
Cody got a new brother for Christmas!
Ruby and Jasmine Baskin
Reilly, Rusty, and Ruby Sanquini
Sara and her human sister Althea
Serena and JJ on Christmas morning ~
What a surprise this was!
Princess Shira Mendelov
Snickers Mazzeo
Stellway kids with Cherish and Daisy
Tommy and Daphne
Webster and his best cat
friend Friday
Yaaaaay!  New luggage for Christmas!!!
Boulder's new sweater!  Living in upstate
New York makes this a MUST-HAVE!
Two little girls faaaaaaaast asleep!
Kinley and Becca Quick
Wrigley Payano
Rudy, the Christmas morning helper!
Duncan Johnston
Sassy, Summer, and Ruby with
mom/grandma Ellen!
Henry Spahn
Henry helped his mom study for the
FL Bar Exam in 2011
Too much studying . . . Henry's all
worn out!
Heather Rose, Sophie and daddy Alan
snuggling after dinner!
Sarah Irene Frederick . . .
this pictures says it all!
Madison Korchun
Portrait by Laura Chester,
Cadbury all worn out after
his wonderful first Christmas!
A Christmas gift to mom and dad
Moore from Grandma!
Shaimus and his happy
brother and sister!
Shawnee and Noel Cleary
Gibson Gill under the tree and enjoying
the December Florida sunshine!
Caley and Kate Peltier
Duchess, the reindeer!
Tobie Chychrun, just chillin'! precious Morgan, livin' the good life in St. Pete now!
Many ask me "Juli, how do you let them go?"  Well, this is how.
I miss you, Mogey; but your daughter Minka is carrying on the "go get it" tradition!
Serena and JJ  ~
Puppy love!