Now, just who is Coosa Creek Cavaliers,                   
and what is this
Everlasting Love all about?
Coosa Creek Cavaliers (CCC) is
located in sunny South Florida on
the Southeast Coast of Florida within
a short drive of Miami, West Palm
Beach, Naples and Fort Myers,
Orlando and Tampa.  I have lived in
South Florida my whole life (no
numbers folks!) and in the same
home for more than 24 years, where I
raised my human family.  Now my
fur-family of Cavaliers romp and play
freely in and around my home I
fondly call Coosa Creek.  
As the proprietor and caretaker of Coosa Creek Cavaliers for
almost 20 years,
I am Juli Polachek Drago ~ just a human,
owned and loved by eight Cavalier generations here at

First and foremost, my Cavaliers are a part of my family and my
everyday life,
providing me with love and comfort each and
every day.
  My puppies are bred and raised to be beautiful
companions with joyful spirits, and an everlasting love that
is one of kind.  
My desire at CCC is to raise healthy
well-adjusted Cavaliers that grow
up to be
gentle-spirited and
fun-loving "comfort spaniels."
Leilani, puppy . . . .
As you read through the following pages,
you will have no doubt of my passion for this
royal breed.   It is my pleasure to share this
passion with you as you get to know the
generations of Coosa Creek Cavaliers.

For nearly 20 years, the wonderful character of the Cavalier has
unfolded before my eyes...
a truly royal breed.  Their loyalty,
gentleness, and affection
have proven to me that they are the
perfect companion pet -- for families with children, for retirees who want
to spoil, and for individuals seeking companionship --
the Cavalier
King Charles Spaniel is
the dog.
My Cavaliers are registered with the oldest, most
widely recognized registry in the world -
the American Kennel Club (AKC).  My males and many
of my females are DNA Certified with the AKC, as well.  
The AKC maintains high registry standards.  
On the following pages, I'd like you to meet the true "stars" of
Coosa Creek Cavaliers.  I chose to present them naturally, just
as they are every day at the Coosa Creek Cavalier homefront.
As each personality unfolds before your eyes,
you will begin to understand the
everlasting love
of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
Thank you for stoppping in for a visit.
We hope the
Cavaliers of Coosa Creek leave an
impression on you, much like their
have left their impression on my heart.
                                            ~ their human, Juli Drago
Blast From the Past ~
Friday Night at the Movies with the
Cavaliers of Coosa Creek!
Over the years, Friday night was movie night (101 Dalmations, Turner & Hooch,
Lady and the Tramp with
"pupcorn") at Coosa Creek's "Camp Cavalier."  So many
of my
Cavalier babies came back to me for camp, and we had a Cavalier blast!  It
let me be a part of their life growing grandkids!!!!
Sadly, Momma Juli got old!  I could no longer "do it all."
Camp Cavalier and Friday Movie Night memories and all that it meant to me are
held close in my heart.  These were the times I will never forget!  Having my dogs
all come back to me taught me so much about my lines and my generations.
Thank you everyone for allowing me this
"treasure in time."
If there is additional information you would like that is not within
these pages, please give me a call or send me an e-mail.  I will be
happy to answer any questions you may have.
Coosa Creek, LLC.    All rights reserved.
Website Design:  Juli Polachek Drago, Coosa Creek, LLC
Here at CCC, I not only have my Cavaliers for companionship, but I have also been
involved in Cavaliers for therapy in the early years. To fulfill my desire to give back to
society in some small way, some of my Cavaliers have provided comfort and therapy to
the lonely, the ill, and the forgotten as therapy dogs.  Over the years, I have strived to
produce a gentle spirit, beautiful inside and out.   

My Coosa Creek Cavaliers are heart, eye, and patella screened by Board
Certified Specialists -- Canine Cardiology, Ophthalmology, and Canine/Feline
Specialty.  Your puppy sees my Board Certified Canine Specialist before it
leaves Coosa Creek for its forever adventure with Y-O-U!
Bailey Girl
Is it spring yet???

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Bandit -- what more can I say?!
Bailey and O'Reilly
as pups!
A sunny afternoon in
South Florida
Chloe and Divit enjoying the
sunshine at Coosa Creek Cavaliers
This is Brodie!
Annie Girl
Memories ~
A day in the Florida sunshine at Coosa Creek's "Camp Cavalier . . ."
Sydney Baker on her first trip to
Lilly Pulitzer in Palm Beach with
her mom!  
Winston and
Clementine after a
day at the beach!
Logan, the Dive Master!
. . . . and all grown up!
Piper McCook with her new
brother, Keeper!
Baby Sydney with her new CCC sister
Olivia, and Maltese sister Kirby!
Cavaliers do great in pairs and with
other breeds too!
And sometimes we need a little "palm
tree shade" sittin' poolside at CCC!