Below are the Ladies of Coosa Creek Past
Click on some of their pictures to see their little families throughout the years.
They have all crossed Rainbow Bridge.  As you will read,
they live on in our hearts every day.
CCC's primadonna and my "heart" Cavalier!
was my dream-come-true,
the product of my first two Cavaliers -
O'Reilly and Bailey.  
She is stately, cultured, and has manners like no other.  
Clover gets one of the spots in my bed, EVERY night -- she
couldn't imagine taking turns!  
Clover is heart clear in 2015
and will be 10 years old, and I am proud to say I have five
generations of her line.  
Clover is a great-grandma too!

My dearest Clover -- you were my heart dog and carried me
through that dark time long ago. It was so hard to say goodbye.
Thank you for letting me know your time here on earth was
over.  Everywhere I look, you are with me.
We will meet again . . .
Pennie is CCC's "lady in red."
She has a heart of gold and is always waiting at your
feet for a hug!   Pennie sneaks around the kitchen
looking for tidbits...and they're not usually carrots or
Update May, 2006
Pennie has gone to a forever home where she gets all
the kisses, hugs and carrot treats -- not having to
share anymore!
Special thanks to Bonnie and family for opening their
hearts to Pennie.  All my love goes with you Pennie-girl!
Pennie's daughter
Dixie (Coosa Creek's Dixie
will carry on the second generation Ruby
tradition here at
Update 2015 --
Dixie's daughter Darla (Coosa Creek's Dixie Darlin')
is now carrying on the wholecolour tradition here at
Coosa Creek.
CCC's calm and reserved lady!  
Mackenzie has a personality that is coy and demure, and she always
finds a reason to
NOT show up on camera day!
She never asks for anything, but is right by your side pawing at your
hand for a  gentle caress.  October 2015, Kenzie will be 12 years
old.  At her last dental in February 2015, she was heart clear.  
Another healthy Irish girl!

Sweet Mackenzie, forgive me for missing you.  I know, I know,
you always gave me that look that said, "Toughen up Mom, it's not
that bad.  Shoulders back, chin up, and I'll be quietly by your side."
Kenz, I miss your strength, beautiful lady.  
CCC's Phoebe is "in love" with
everyone she meets!
Phoebe is lively, gay and full of life, and she melts in your arms
when you hold her.  Her eyes are the window to her gentle spirit.
Phoebe is 11 now (September 2015), living as a companion to an
elderly family member.  
She is still heart clear.

That face!!  
Phebes, you did good taking care of Grandma Allen.  
And when she left our world, you came home to Momma Juli.  Very
shortly after we said our goodbyes because life for you was not
life without Grandma Allen.  You mourned her so. You are sitting
in her lap right now in heaven, and she's got the homemade
mac n' cheese cooking for you!
Savannah's intelligence
tests my patience here at CCC!
She's the one who knows the difference between
right and wrong --- need I say more.

We love our Savannah, who adds spice to the
Coosa Creek gang!
Our Shawna has the kindest heart of
all our Cavaliers and keeps us
humble here at CCC!
Shawna's kindred spirit shines bright.  She is my daughter's Cavalier and is
our most willing to please.  She has manners that are unmatched.
Shawna turns 13 in October.  Still going strong with no heart murmur.  She
lives with my daughter who has welcomed my first grandchild into the Drago
Shawna's daughter Kaia brought us her granddaughter, Hannah.  
Three wonderful generations, with the fourth on the way!

Shawna, the grief I still feel after your passing at 15.5 in Allie's arms is too
much for Momma Juli to bear.  Someday I will write the beautiful story of how
you waited all those years with me, so patiently for her to come home
college, boys, finding her way
And then she came back for you....and you finally had peace.
Click on Shawna's picture to see her previous litter
CCC's Calypso loves to strike a pose
for the camera!
Calypso is our "almost adult" Cavalier.  She is
calm and independent, and her happiest time is
with her chew bone under the tree -- not sharing
with anyone!
Our Next Generation of Stars at Coosa Creek

Coosa Creek's "Next Generation" is growing up.  Raising healthy, next
generation Coosa Creek Cavaliers involves developing confidence and
sociability, learning to share, and enjoying fun times.

UPDATE -- These too have passed on after leaving their mark here at
Coosa Creek in the generations that followed them.
Coosa Creek's Clementine Be Mine
Clementine is Clover/Waffle's daughter
Coosa Creek's Ladybug in Love
Ladybug is Phoebe/Waffle's daughter
Coosa Creek's Dixie Chick
Dixie is Pennie/Winston's daughter
Coosa Creek's Enchanted Lady
Tatum is Phoebe/Waffle's daughter
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Penny's Crown of Coosa Creek
A little Irish beauty!
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You're A Star at Coosa Creek
(Blenheim, 16lbs.)
Coosa Creek's Clover C'Mon Over
(Tri-Colour, 17 lbs.)
Forever Faithful at Coosa Creek
(Blenheim, 17 lbs.)
Precious Copper Penny at Coosa Creek
Creek Lady at Coosa Creek
Princess Lillianna of Coosa Creek
Brilliant Snowdrop at Coosa Creek
Miss Poppy of Coosa Creek
Click on Savannah's picture to see her previous litter
Allie, my daughter
and Shawna
CCC's Matriarch of the Ladies!
has been with me since the early days.  Now spayed, she teaches all the generations
behind her to be "team-players"  -- except of course when it comes to the Oinkies pork rolls.  
They belong to HER!  
Sabryna is always just a butt-wiggle away.  
And....she's a GREAT GRANDMA!

UPDATE ~ In November 2014, my precious Sabryna passed over Rainbow Bridge.  She
was 11.2 years old.  Sabryna helped me raise my son;
she had homework patrol with
Danny (see below). S
he is now raising all the little boys in heaven that need her.  RIP in
my sweet "Sooshi!"  We had so many funny names for her - Sooshi, Subee, Sue
, Sooz.  
She was an amazing family dog!
My Cavalier moms and dads receive heart, eye, knee clearances
with Board Certified Specialists
Pennie with her forever family!
Shawna waiting . . . a loyalty that never