Coosa Creek Cavalier breeding dogs have
their health screenings for hearts, eyes, and
knees with board certified specialists.  
We go
one step further and have our puppies'
hearts screened by our board certified
specialist to rule out congenital (at birth)
heart disorders before they go to their new
Just having a little fun in the Florida sunshine at Coosa Creek!
More helicopters, Mom?
Hey, I think I heard "DINNER" . . .
Yep, it's dinner time at Coosa Creek Cavaliers!  Here we come, Mom!
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(look at those ears!)
Contact Juli Polachek-Drago
561-767-0616 (text too)
please give me a call or send me an e-mail.  I will be happy to answer
any questions you may have.
If you're interested in a puppy or would like to be put on a waiting list for future litters, please
give me a call or send me an e-mail.   It is important to me to speak to all potential puppy owners
personally, as well as schedule a Coosa Creek "puppy visit!"
If you are interested in a Coosa Creek puppy to make your own, please send me an
e-mail at or call me at (561) 767-0616 (text too).
Click on "Who's Expecting" to see Coosa Creek's future planned litters
and their expecting date along with pictures of moms and dads-to-be,
and maybe even an exciting picture of the x-ray!
Some Coosa Creek visitors enjoying a playful time with the puppies
on a recent afternoon of puppy snuggles and love.
At 5-6 weeks of age, they are introduced, as a family, to
"big outdoors," continuing to boost their confidence
with the help of their mom and siblings.  They play indoors
and out, as we have up to three outside field trips a day;
then they are off to their new homes,
confident and ready for their new adventure!
This section of my home, the Cavalier Cottage Nursery,
is dedicated to my mommies-to-be and their puppies.
The nursery is a place where wonderful dreams come true with
my Cavaliers and where the
everlasting love begins!     
Mom and Dad were very clear, "It's just a visit, kids."  
Ahhh, just LOOK at those smiles . . .
In addition, a comprehensive exam from our board certified veterinarian is performed, as
well as vaccinations, wormings, and negative fecal exam to date.  Documentation of all is
provided on a Florida State Health Certificate in your
Coosa Creek puppy folder.  And
microchipping is a must at Coosa Creek, as we provide this option.

Coosa Creek
adult Cavaliers and puppies are fed a premium health food for dogs
which is holistically blended
 ~   Life's Abundance All Life Stages Dog Food ~ Grain
Free and Regular Grain offerings.  Click here for info and ordering:
And then . . . the Sand Man cometh!
The puppies spend the first weeks of their life learning how to be happy,
playful, and willing to share!
 They gain confidence from the comfort
of their siblings and family unit, and develop their classic Cavalier
companion personality that is our breed's trademark.

Dear Puppy Folks:   I am truly thankful for the
individuals and families who live nearby and in far away places all over the world who
have visited and chosen a Coosa Creek puppy.  You come to me so often from referrals from other
Coosa Creek puppy owners  or after searching through hundreds of ads on the Internet,
from looking at dozens of tiny little faces gazing out of photos on a computer screen. And even more amazing, how many of you have become loyal
fans of my site, both those who've purchased puppies, (many have enjoyed your second, third, and even FOURTH Cavalier from Coosa Creek) and
those who simply long for a little Cavalier puppy companion perhaps sometime in the future.  I'm so happy that I have been able to match many of
you with your perfect Cavalier puppy, and having your trust that I will help you choose the one that is exactly right for your home, family and
environment.  The process of finding the RIGHT home for the RIGHT puppy
and meeting YOUR needs is of utmost importance to me.  
I do require that all my clients come to my home to visit and experience the personalities
of both the puppies and the parents.  And...oftentimes grandparents, great-greats, aunts/uncles and cousins!
I will not sell or ship a puppy sight unseen  -- I want you to experience each personality and see the beauty of the markings, choosing just the right
 It is important to me that you come visit Coosa Creek Cavaliers at some point in its early life to see where your puppy has been raised, and
the loving/healthy environment it has spent its important and formative early weeks in.  It is also important to me that I meet you in person so that
we can discuss the innate needs of the Cavalier breed, making sure that your home and environment will meet these needs.  So come visit me in
Sunny South Florida, make a "vaca" out of it.  Enjoy our sunshine, and find your "everlasting love!"

The large amount of effort and time raising your puppy early on that you don't see in the beginning is truly a passion for me and one that I am
VERY committed to. As as they grow and mature, we have just good ol' fun playing in and around my home.  As many of you already know, my
puppies are, for the most part, sleeping through the night when they leave for their new homes, and in the morning with their sweet little faces
waiting patiently for you.  They are ready to continue their basic puppy training for potty time, grooming, nail trimmings, "night-night" time, nap
times, and becoming the best companion your Cavalier can be.  These are important basics that a puppy will remember the rest of his or her life!  
My puppies love people, other pets, CHILDREN, and are simply the most loving Cavalier Companions you'll find!

Upbringing and daily socialization are so important to the overall personality of your puppy.  I am with my puppies all day, taking them out for
playtime, giving them scheduled naps twice a day, beginning outside potty times, and feeding them on a 3-4 times a day schedule to keep their
energy up and keep them happy (like me, LOL!!!)  Oh, and I must mention that Coosa Creek special pudding they get from day one, all organic and
holistically blended by me.  Sorry, that recipe is proprietary and one of the Coosa Creek secrets that makes for a very healthy puppy for when it
heads out on it's amazing journey to forever with Y-O-U! This upbringing has proven itself over and over to not only produce a completely adoring
and BEAUTIFUL puppy, but also easy to live with, loving and social with family and friends, and just a JOY to own!

Kindest regards ~ Juli Polachek Drago
(so willingly owned by all my Cavaliers here at Coosa Creek!)

Now . . . . . on to those precious, beautiful faces I call your "everlasting love!"

Please keep in mind my puppies have "litter theme names," and you will have the
privilege of naming your own puppy in your way.

(561) 767-0616  (text too)   ~   Or email me:
Juli Polachek Drago
I say "unique" or "one of a kind" here at Coosa Creek!

If you're one who appreciates "different" (like my daughter ~ as many of you know with her
Cavaliers), occasionally a puppy is born that I hold in my hands, and I revel in its
"unique-ness."  Close to perfect or perfect is the "standard" in the show world,
but what about the precious "unique" ones?
They are very close to my heart and have even more sweetness to offer, I have found.
Enjoy the showcase below of
"Coosa Creek Uniques;" maybe you will see the beauty in being
"one of a kind!"
Coosa Creek Unique's "Bristol Blue"

is the most unique Cavalier I have ever produced ~
a beautiful Tri-colour girl with haunting, ice blue eyes.
I have been told there are only a few Cavaliers in the history of the
breed with both eyes as blue as
Bristol's.  I remember when she
first opened her eyes, I glanced at them and thought for a fleeting
moment, "something's different here."  Sure enough, as she
matured, her beautiful blue eyes got lighter and lighter,
turning to a crystal blue.
Bristol Blue will stay at Coosa Creek to remind all my visitors of the
beauty of a
"Coosa Creek Unique," a true one-of-a-kind Cavalier.
Here's a little "twist" . . .
These pictures of Bristol were
taken at 8 weeks and 5 months of
age.  You can see how her eye
color changed from a darker blue
to a crystal blue.
Dr. Tim Cutler, BC
Ophthalmologist, confirmed she
has "perfect" eyesight!
Prepare to fall in puppy love!
Come on over for a "meet and greet!"  
Bring the kids for "puppy play" too ~ the puppies love the little humans!
You'll meet fur moms and dads, grandparents, greats, cousins, uncles,
aunts -- lions, tigers, and bears, OH MY!  (just kidding!)  
Email me (below) or text me 561-767-0616 to schedule a
visit and to get address/directions.

The babies showcased below represent what I love about what I do,
and the fun I have doing it!
Although these babies have been spoken for, please email or text me with
your interest in what's currently bouncing about the Coosa Creek Nursery!
I'd be happy to send you info on currently available "little ones" and
what's coming up over the next few months.
Life's Abundance Grain Free and Regular All Life Stages is 4.5 & 5-Star Rated on -- Check it out
Although these babies are spoken for, please
email me for a speedy-quick update on the newest
babies available in the nursery and who's expecting.
Also, schedule a Coosa Creek puppy visit!
Oh, so much fun!!!
Or call/text, 561-767-0616
(email is quickest for updates!)
Jillie ♥ Tango's "Summer Safari Babies"
~ ~ ~ ~
Get ready to meet:
Safari Scout, Jungle Jimmie, Sweet Savanna,
Cubby Clare, and Jungle Joy

Jillie, their mom, is Hemingway's daughter and is a silly girl with a big personality (like
her daddy maybe?)!  And did I mention that I think she is beautiful?  
Tango the dad is
a very handsome Ruby Red boy who just KNOWS everyone thinks he's handsome! He is
a snuggler and lover to boot!
Tango passes on his huge, soulful eyes to his fur-kids!
I feel blessed that
Tango is part of the Coosa Creek clan!

Here's Mom and Dad . . .

And my Proud Momma with her beautiful "Safari Babies" . . .

Here are the boys, Safari Scout and Jungle Jimmie:

Here are the girls, Jungle Joy, Cubby Clare,
and Sweet Savanna:

Jillie had two blenheim girls - one
with the perfect blenheim
thumbprint on the top of her head!  
She had a beautiful ruby girl, and
two handsome blenheim boys!

At the milkshake bar!
Hey mom, can a girl have some
privacy here!