Sabryna and Waffle Had Four Beautiful Blenheim Girls!
"The Star Litter"
Birth Date:  March 21, 2006
Here are the Starlets at 9 weeks old!
The "Starlets" at 5 Weeks Old!
3 Weeks Old!
You're A Star at Coosa Creek
Kul de Flurie at Coosa Creek
Four little "starlets" were born on March 21st
to Sabryna and Waffle.
Named after their mommy,
whose registered name is
"You're a Star,"  I'd like to introduce:
Starbrite, Stardust, Sparkle, and Twinkle
The Starlets proud mom and dad!
My Starlets are off to new homes and new adventures, and the reports from their new
moms and dads already have made me proud!  Please enjoy the pictures of them here at 10
weeks of age in their final days at Coosa Creek!