Shawna and Waffle Had Seven Beautiful Blenheims!
Birth Date: April 4, 2006

Introducing the "Snow Baby" Litter . . .
Seven little Snow Babies one week old!
Seven little "snow babies" were born on April 4th
to Shawna and Waffle.
Named after their mommy,
whose registered name is
"Brilliant Snowdrop,"
I'd like to introduce:

The four little girls:
SnowBunny, SnowCrystal, SnowBell, SnowFluff
(Bunny, Crystal, Bell, and Fluffy)

The three little boys:
SnowDust, SnowDrift, and SnowShine
(Dusty, Drifter, and Shiney)
My Snow Babies have found their forever homes where their new
lives will bring new adventures.  I am so proud of them!
Please enjoy the pictures of them here at 10 weeks of age with
their mommy, Shawna, in their final days at Coosa Creek!
Here are the Snow Babies at 7 weeks old!
Four little girls -
Bell, Bunny, Fluffy and
Shawna's Snow Babies at 3 Weeks!
SnowBell and SnowShine
"Bell and Shiney"
SnowBunny and SnowDust
"Bunny and Dusty"
SnowCrystal and SnowDrift
"Crystal and Drifter"
The Snow Babies
proud mom and dad!
Brilliant Snowdrop at
Coosa Creek
Kul de Flurie at Coosa Creek
Here they are at one day of age!
Three little boys -
Drifter, Shiney and Dusty