Barnaby, Maggie, and
Mollie Haas
Gunner and Logan Halle
Bella Black
Scout Miner
Bruno Zinzi
Chloe Jacobus
Brownie Hidalgo
Sleepy Cocoa Stenberg and her
mom, Jennifer
Corky Gordon
Piper and Finlay McCook
Dazzle Enslow and Penny Dey
Sir Bazzle Gilbert, Austin and Alexis
The Fontaine Family
and Stella and Cosmos
Jack Stites
Kaici Quirico
Lilo Chung
Lexie and Bella
Luke and Lily Gotlieb
A VERY handsome Max!
Lexie Huggins in her Santa suit!
Sweet Meghan Alheim
The Watson Gang!
Rosie, Teddy, Jewel, and Bentley
Lola and Cherish Stellway
with mom Nancy
Missy Nield
Oliver Ulrich with mom Margaret
and friend
Pennie and Pika Halpen with their
two brothers!
Riley and Charlie Ciment-Suchman
Best brothers; best friends!
Riley Quick
Little Romeo Parkinson
Rose and Ginger Merjos on
Christmas morning 2010!
The Moses Family with
Rudy and Gruden
Rusty Nussbaum,
accomplished Therapy Dog
Cider Davidson and his sister Sara
Scooter Mintz
Sneakers and Sadie Gorback
Sedona Rishi
Shelby Nomkin
Sterling kissing Santa!
Ruby and Summer Samuels
Webster and Friday Carr
Peyton Dirscherl on Christmas morning surprising his
new human sister Tacy.  Look at that smile on Tacy's face.  
And you ask me how do I let them go???  This is how!
Luna, Mateo, Kodi, and mom
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Thanks to all the families above for sharing these
precious memories with me!
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Webster, Friday the cat,
Sally and Brian Carr
Echo and Skye Amaya with brothers
Nicholas and Garrett
Sophie and Mackenzie with
mom Norma
Kingston Kearns with his
beautiful family!
Zoie and Java with thier
brother Tempel III
Tobie and the Chychrun family
in 2010
The Johnston Clan!
Kaki Howard
Beautiful Coco Torres at
Gracie Mayberry who DIDN'T
like her Christmas Dress!
Henry Tellier with his human
brother Brady.
Ah, a boy and his dog!
Cody Robertson
Margot and Bob Sapone with Riley
and Lucky
"In fond memory of Bob Sapone"
Bentley Michaels with Aussie
brother Winston
Petite Sascha Saxonhouse
Henry Spahn with his new mom and dad
for Christmas, Eva and Benjamin
Don Quijote and
Johnnie Mac
Latte Skarpsno with her
Christmas bows!
And here are ALL the Sapone
And . . . Duncan Strauss watching the Jets
game with dad on Sunday!  :)
The Jets and puppy love ~ what more
could a man ask for!
Bam Riddle
Below, my Coosa Creek Cavaliers and friends
from Christmas and Holidays past  . . .